Total CFO Solutions offers part-time CFOs and Controllers for
companies who have outgrown their current internal resources. An
experienced financial professional can work on-site at your place
of business for less than the cost of hiring a bookkeeper.

Every business, regardless of size, can benefit from an
experienced on-site CFO or Controller. In most successful
businesses, the CFO is the business owner or CEO’s strategic
partner. The CFO not only analyzes critical information about the
business but also provides valuable counsel and functions as a
key member of the management team.

Our CFO's and Controllers have expertise in a broad range of
business management disciplines. They contribute to your
profitability immediately with minimal orientation and training to
your situation.

Call Louis G. Rexing at (773) 447-7964 or e-mail him at or Kevin J. Conrad at (815) 356-
0111 or e-mail to learn how Total
CFO Solutions can give you the freedom to do what you do best—
lead and grow your business or organization.
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