Our CFOs and Controllers have expertise and advanced
education in a broad range of business management disciplines.
Through our extensive experience as Controllers or CFOs, we

- Improved cash flow
- Developed financial plans and models
- Designed key management reports
- Instituted policies and procedures
- Worked with banks and lenders
- Implemented cost containment strategies

Total CFO Solutions takes a big-picture approach to supporting
your company. We address short-term needs and provide long-
range planning. We complement your existing service providers
with an internal focus to improve management information and
provide critical business analysis to keep your company on solid

Our CFOs and Controllers work under a flexible schedule that can
range from a few hours per month to 25 or more hours per week.
We work out of your offices as part of your team. You manage
your costs by controlling our hours.

Because of their extensive experience, our professionals
contribute to your profitability immediately, with minimal orientation
to your situation. Typical services include:

- Detailed cash flow analysis and forecasting of cash or borrowing
- Regular internal management reporting and key financial
- Financial analysis of crucial business areas such as pricing,
overhead, margins, and capital expenditures
- Development and analysis of performance indicators,
benchmarking, and ratio analysis
- Detailed budgeting of sales and operating costs including trend
analysis and pro forma (or “what if”) scenarios
- Overhead analysis and cost control initiatives
- Support in areas such as mergers, acquisitions, and
- Oversight of traditional “back office” functions including:
- Customer billing and accounts receivable
- Accounts payable
- Bank reconciliations
- Administration of employee benefits
- Internal office and administrative functions
- Payroll support
- Business oversight

Access to an established network of support services including:
- Banking
- Taxes
- Employee benefits
- Payroll
- Legal
- Computer systems
- Personal and estate planning
- Business insurance
- Human resources

To learn how to save time and money and bolster your bottom line,
all Louis G. Rexing at (773) 447-7964 or e-mail him at
lourexing@totalcfosolutions.com or contact Kevin J. Conrad at
(815) 356-0111 or e-mail

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